Irish Car of the Year 2020

The chic electric

Modern lines, fresh colours and high-tech details make the new Kia e-Soul stand out from the crowd. Choose from four two-tone body/roof and mirror combinations. Dedicated 17’’ alloy wheels round off the electric look.

Individualized comfort

Here's plenty of space for your own definition of comfort, style and colour. Special mood lighting changes with your music and reflects in the metal paint colour pack. Red colour pack comes with the K3. The leather trim adds sophistication to the interior of the cabin.

Brighten up!

When it comes to illumination, the new Kia e-Soul is full of good cheer. It boasts full LED headlamps with LED daytime running lights, LED fog lamps, and LED rear combination lamps. Want more? There are also LED side indicators on the electric folding black glossy outside mirrors. See and be seen!

Clean fun

No more searching for petrol stations, no more oil changes, no more loud, vibrating engines and absolutely no emissions. Instead, the new Kia e-Soul gives you long-range driving with easy charging and instant acceleration in a modern atmosphere where the only thing loud is your music.

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